Autism – A little more special than typical!

Today we know of many individuals with special needs like Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Developmental Delays, etc. Those of us who are one amongst the crowd are termed as typical individuals.   If you know of special needs individuals, you will see that all efforts are being made to teach them to learn as and behave as typical individuals!

However, it is the typical individuals who actually need to learn something new! Watch the attached video to understand that better.

Let’s spread the awareness because it’s only what we don’t understand that scares us!
Once we know that the difference is good, we will no longer be scared. And when we are not scared we will not spend all our time and energy to change the differences! When we see their magical powers as unique differences, that is what will work wonders for them and us! It may be just the magic dust that we need to heal all the hurt this world is seeing today! Yes, there are heros there with super powers.

All children are special, as all children should be. Those with autism just maybe a little more special than the typical! And they are very happy to share their world with us if we are willing to learn their language just a little bit.

Walk this path with us at Samatha learning Center.  We have relevant and functional education programs for children with special needs. We value them and give them skills to cope in the world they have to grow into and live in. We share a mutual respect for what  we can learn from each other.

If you have a child with special needs, meet us. Samatha may be just the place for him/her!

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