Inclusion at its best!

Early years are the foundation years when children learn about themselves and the world around them. Their personalities are shaped with how they feel about themselves and what they know they are capable of. When we introduce children to a learning environment in the first stage of their learning journey, it becomes the foundation for their future. When a preschool makes an extra effort to provide the resources that ensures all children benefit from the learning environment, it a place to value!


Now let us talk specifically about young children with developmental delays and diagnosed special needs. If you ask any therapist, you will hear them say that the earlier the intervention the faster the results and better the impact. It especially helps when the child is in his/ her early years. Let’s think about it. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, is very true. So if what the child is repeating a behaviour or an action, even if it isn’t for the best, it becomes a habit. But if the same is corrected and changed for a more efficient behaviour or action, the child benefits in every way. Let’s take for example a, inefficient pencil grip. If the child continues to hold the pencil in a grasp that hinders smooth flowing writing, it will ultimately become the way the child naturally holds the pencil. The handwriting may never change. And if intervention is done at a later stage there will be too much undoing to be done before the more efficient grip can be practiced. That painful and emotionally traumatic change can be avoided with early detection and intervention. Timely support goes a long way in contributing to a child’s self esteem and joyful learning journey.


Kangaroo Kids, Whitefield opens its preschool program up to support children with any delays. In collaboration with Samatha Learning Center, KK Whitefield offers an inclusive learning environment for children in the early years.

As the numbers are limited to enable all children the best attention, now would be the best time to book a place for your child. Call now at +91 9844001249/ +9606120909 for more details.

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