Remedial Sessions

Is your child….

  • frustrated by things that should be easy.
  • Struggling to write and keep up with the class.
  • Having trouble with reading comprehension?
  • Showing a dislike for writing and struggling to do homework.
  • Sleep deprived and restless.
  • Unable to stay focused in class, and in school.
  • Gives you insightful answers but the grades and class work do not match.
  • Having trouble making friends.
  • Having trouble reading.

Then tuition is NOT the answer.

Sometimes, students attending mainstream school programs face challenges and find it difficult to keep up with the pace of their class. In many cases, tuitions do not help resolve the problem and the academic gap just seems to get bigger with time. That is when remedial sessions are recommended for the students.



The Remedial Program offers 45 minutes sessions per day with individualized plans that address the gaps that have become a challenge for the student to cope with in school. The sessions focus on building the skills in the area of challenge that the student is facing. Updates on the impact of the sessions are shared with parents regularly.

Student Teacher Ratio

Maximum of 2:1


3.30pm/ 4.30pm/ 5.30pm (Monday to Friday)

Remedial Group Program

The primary focus of this group program is designed keeping in mind the developmental needs of children in their early years. The Group Remedial Program plans to address the gaps in developmental areas and to build school readiness skills in young children, to make their transition and integration into mainstream education a smooth one as their delays are, in parallel, being addressed with relevant therapies. The group session gives children the opportunity to build on their social skills as well as their emotional self-regulation to manage themselves in group settings.

HANDLE ( and Braingym ( ) are the therapies that are part of the daily sessions. These therapies work on the theory of Neuro- plasticity. Both, the HANDLE and Brain Gym therapies help in regulating the sensory processing systems and help with balance and coordination issues. These therapies are research based and have maximum impact when introduced in the early years.

The Remedial Group program combines academics and skill building activities, along with the above mentioned therapies, giving attention to all areas of development. The student learns to follow routines, communicate effectively, and develop independence through self-help skills. The students are introduced to language, numeracy, and relevant topics where they learn about the world around them.

For Children

In the early years

Student Teacher Ratio

Maximum of 3:1


3.30pm- 5.30pm

Group size

6-9 students