About Us

We, at Samatha Learning Center, understand that education is more than academics. It is building of social skills and emotional connects and reasoning powers. Being educated is more than learning numbers and reading the script. It is getting the right change back after a purchase and using mediums of art and music and language to express ourselves effectively.

Samatha Learning Center curates the programs of education and skill building for children with different abilities, who are either struggling in mainstream education systems or have not been allowed in at all. The combined focus enables children with diverse abilities to access learning in many ways. The core focus of all the programs is to prepare children for life with skills that give them confidence in what they can do. With confidence, all children thrive. With love and respect, all children learn. Samatha learning center nurtures the child with love and respect.

At Samatha Learning Center we have children with varied abilities who are eager to learn. We have children with autism, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, global developmental delays and other diagnosis. The common factor binding us together is the joy of being with others and the willingness to access an education.

Reviews and Feedbacks

At Samatha Learning center we have two programs for children faced with challenges.

Best Teachers

Our teachers are all special educators trained from reputed institutes like the Spastic Society of India and KPMRC. Our teachers are chosen for being much more than the educational qualification they have. They are a part of Samatha because of their compassionate and empathetic ways. They have a dedication to their profession that aligns with our Philosophy.

Many Programmes

Along with grade appropriate academic focus, therapeutic interventions support the skill developments. Therapies like Brain Gym and HANDLE are incorporated into the daily schedule for the impact we seek. Activities of daily living address the self help skills that are necessary in making the child independent in spite of challenges.