Anita Eipe

A special education needs (SEN) professional with the expertise and skills of working with children with special needs for over 12 years. The expertise she comes with includes establishing and developing an inclusive and supportive environment for children with different abilities in a main stream environment. Anita Eipe has worked as an emotional well-being counsellor for students and parents to make inclusion a possibility for all concerned. In the field of counselling She addresses behaviour issues and parenting concerns, by using techniques of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), TA(Transactional analysis) and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

Anita advocates Early Intervention for the best impact and early inclusion for effective education for children with special needs. She believes that the society has a moral obligation and an unsaid responsibility to include every individual to be a productive member. She believes in educating all in the possibilities of making inclusion happen.


Our teachers are all special educators trained from reputed institutes like Spastic Society of India and KPMRC. Our teachers are chosen for being much more than the educational qualification they have. They are a part of Samatha because of their compassionate and empathetic ways. They have a dedication to their profession that aligns with our Philosophy.

We have a high student teacher ration of 3 students to 1 teacher. In some cases we also have a teacher working one-on-one with students. We have a helping staff who are caring and empathetic by nature. They are constantly available for any support any child may need.