What impacts quality of life?

– making friends

– enjoying good relations with those we value

– loving what we do

– being happy with what we have

– being valued and validated for our true selves

All this we get from building a good sense of self and knowing and loving ourselves first. And if we look back on our lives, growing up, we got to this sense of self by being with others, working with others, playing and learning with friends!

At #Samathalearning center, we give every child a loving environment to find friends, make friends and learn from friends. Our limited abilities or special needs do not limit that what we can make of life – if we believe we can, we will…..and our friends make the journey worth while.

Our school programs for children with special needs focuses on happiness as the key ingredient to success in life. We accept and value the differences we all come with. We love every minute of our day, whether we are teacher or student!

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