Visual Sequence Memory

Visual Sequence Memory – VIDEO

This is an important skill to have. Take for example, learning to break an egg for the first time. If I am watching a demo, I need to watch every step and remember the sequence in which it was done. I need to then follow the same sequence to be able to break the egg as I saw in the demo.

Take anything you may have learnt … would need to repeat the sequence of steps to get the desired result.

In schools letter and number formations are taught step wise. And to form the letter or number we need to remember the sequence of pencil strokes we were taught.

Later we learn spellings by remembering the sequence of the letters that make up the words. That is why when we right a wrong spelling we have to check where we went wrong in the sequence of the letters.

Here’s an excellent way to build.visual sequence memory. And why we use manipulatives is so that the child has fun doing it. And any frustration he may feel will be associated with beads and not with letters. He will.not hate ‘work’ by associating the frustration to it!

At #samathalearning Center we learn in fun ways. We build skills and practice them so that learning comes more naturally.

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