Understanding Stimming

Understanding the behaviour called Stimming
When we see a behaviour we are told is inappropriate, we try to change it. Some times the need to change the behaviour comes from the need to fit in, to be accepted. Parents of special needs children struggle with this all the time. Getting into a mainstream school system is dependent on how ‘typical’ or ‘normal’ a child’s behavior is. Some schools will ask the parents to take corrective measures or take the child out of the school.
It is important to:
1 – understand what need that behaviour is fulfilling.
2 – find an alternative way, which is socially acceptable, to gratify that need.
3 – teach the individual to substitute the unacceptable behaviour for the acceptable one.
4 – practice to ensure the behaviour becomes a habit.
This would be the steps to behaviour modification that would sustain because if we ignore the body need, it will get manifested in some other form.
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