The Education Panel at the Let us Dream Community Conference

A unique conference was initiated by Fr Lijo of Christ College (deemed to be University) on Saturday, 16th of November, 2019, with the intent to impact the community we live in to share ideas and make a difference!


The Education panel discussion provided us with a platform to spread awareness and encourage diversity in education! The aim of this panel discussion was to get perceptions of the benefits and challenges of cultivating leadership, involvement, and empowerment in students and adults toward commitment to social action and sustainable improvement initiatives.


The discussion was focused on literacy which lies beyond education. And education is the key to unlocking the state of economy we find ourselves in today. If we, as a community, join hands to contribute to education beyond the classroom, we make a difference in the world we live in. By around 2020, the average age in India will be 29 and it is set to become the world’s youngest country with 64% of its population falling under the working age bracket. That is the age of the country.Thirty years forward, the youngest country could very well become the oldest country. Countries like the US, South Korea, Japan, China and those in Western Europe have grown rich before growing old. They invested in education and skills, health, empowerment and employment and ensured women joined the workforce.


Across the globe, inequitable education systems mean that children and young people are being denied the opportunity to learn simply because of who they are or where they live: poverty, conflict, gender, geography, minority status and disability are all primary reasons for exclusion from education. We have a large population in this country who do not have access to education, even if they have the potential.

Our reach around the world is as small as the palm of our hand and easily accessible with the click of a button! When we widen our community circle we expand our awareness and increase our impact. We can impact by collaborating. By sharing, we increase our potential to go out and make a change. We hope that many seeds were thrown out into the audience, to plant into ventures for a better tomorrow. We hope some of the ideas shared were just the solutions to some of troubling situations and problems they were facing.

A big Thank You! To the amazing panelists for the diversity they brought to the discussion and for the amazing energy that made the discussion a powerful one. May we all make our dreams of a better tomorrow and reality for us and all we share our community with!

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