Teaching beyond education

Yes it’s sad.

Yes it’s a pity.

Yes it is painful to see the level of disrespect and inconsideration that is evident in the youngest strand of our society, amongst those who are being educated and that too, in this case, amongst the haves.


So the rot in our thoughts and systems are not only amongst those who don’t have an education or are destitute or have financial hardships and deprivation!


What is sadder still is that the IB curriculum, when compared with the other curriculums, is one that is focused on inclusion and extends all learning to action! They not only teach about garbage segregation, they encourage students to extend their learning into something they do in their lives. How much better or impactful can a curriculum possibly be? And to think that a school that imbibes the principles of the IB curriculum is capable of fostering this level of insensitivity and meanness, is scary. The system then is responsible for the environment it is cultivating.


So we come to question….what can help us make the change our society needs….to cultivate an attitude of respect and inclusion, for differences and individuality?


Teach by example and value every act of love and respect….however small and from the very beginning!  The young of today are parents of tomorrow. So let’s make the change now so that our real young have a chance to live in a safe and loving society.



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