Spellings are Fun to Teach!

Oh well, I remember my teacher making me write a spelling 10 times each. Did that help me learn? Did that make learning tedious and boring? Weeeelllll……is there a fun way to learn?
Let’s first understand the skill required for remembering a spelling. Now an auditory learner will consciously or unconsciously recall the letters in their head when spelling the word. They hear the spelling in their mind as they write it. So they recall the sequence of the letters by name…T R U C K…truck! They are using their auditory sequential memory. A visual learner however, will recall the sequence of letters in a word in their mind’s eye, actually see the letter as they write it down. So when a spelling is wrong, they first realize that it ‘looks’ wrong! Here they are using their visual sequential memory.
Sequential memory is an important skill. You need it to learn the steps to anything from how to put toothpaste on your brush before brushing, to what you need to do to make a cup of tea. Sequential memory is very important to organize your day, to organize your self.
Like anything else, training the brain is possible when we approach it step wise and slowly build it up. Learning happens when you keep the learner motivated and engaged with happy feelings and joy of success!
So here is a fun way to build up visual sequential memory. Watch the attached video. You can start with 2 balls and move up to as many as the child wants to challenge themselves with. To build the auditory sequential memory, the teacher only says the colours and the child has to place the balls in the correct sequence.
At Samatha learning center, Bangalore, learning is fun because we build skills keeping the brain engaged. The learners are highly motivated because the joy of success is highly invigorating! Call us (+91-6361494908) for information on our programs.
Now here’s a challenge for you! Do you do better at recalling something visually or are you an auditory learner? Now tell the truth here, how many can you remember …4, 5, 6?
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