Parenting with Trust and Love


Is parenting about focusing on the road your child will take or on your child, irrespective of the road she takes?

When we become parents we usually believe that child is ours to raise as we see right. But in truth we can never own another human being. We as parents have a responsibility to teach our children and they as individuals will use that teaching as they see best.

In fact, more important than teaching our children skills for life is the ability to nurture their sense of self. It’s this sense of self which will help them in making good choices for themselves from all the lessons they are taught!

Parenting is first about love. When we love our child for who he is, we accept him as he is! And there is nothing more empowering than believing in oneself! Send this child out into the world and…
… he will choose paths well and …..
… no path will be too rough and….
… should he have made a choice that is not what he thought it to be, he will choose a new one confidentiality…

He will continue to be whole and complete through it!

For us to parent with trust, we first have to trust in ourselves. To be able to love another completely, we first have to love ourselves!

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