Grit is the secret to success. 

When we understand that the brain grows in response to challenges, we will not shy away from them or protect our children from facing them. We all want our children to succeed in life. And if success means building grit, then that’s what we need to teach our children.
Growth mindset is what we need to develop grit. So what is growth mindset?
It is the mindset where failure is not viewed as something permanent but something to learn from.

…..To get up off the ground where you were pushed to, dust off the feelings of hurt and shame and pick yourself up to do something new and better.

…..To believe that to be wrong is another chance to start over with new learnings!

What do we need to develop grit and a growth mindset in our children….what is it that encourages one to persevere and not hive up?

An environment of acceptance and an environment of respect encourages the growth mindset in children. It is only when we believe that everyone can, that everyone believes they can too!

This is so true for children with special needs. Believe in them. Trust them to be better than they are. They will show you what’s grit in the face of adversity, what’s perseverance inspite of all odds.

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