Gender Neutral Approach

Am I gender neutral?

I believed I was.

But then I wondered…am I really?

And is it really possible?

Why did these questions come up anyway? Maybe because women are feeling suppressed and abused around the world just for being women!

Then again, the thought is…..

Do we want everyone….girls and boys, men and women, mothers and fathers …….all to behave the same, be the same, respond the same?

Do we really?

Or is it that we actually want both genders to be unique and still get the same respect?

Are we actually confusing gender neutral with gender equality?

When I think of it, I would say that I want the girls to be respected for being girls and not be dominated over because ‘ girls’ are considered weaker. And by the same measure, a boy who is gentle ‘ like a girl’ is bullied.

Similarly, I would want boys to learn to respect those physically smaller than them because your brain is what measures success and not your Brawn! A boy is not privileged over the girl but everyone earns their privileges. The father does not automatically sit at the head of the table. No table has a head or tail…..

So it’s about gender equality which comes from respect for the other …..which we teach as parents and educators and family… modelling the same attitudes ourselves ….

Boys and girls are different and will grow differently. But let’s not forget they are the same….humans and first children. They get the same toys to play with so they get to develop all their skills. They get to wear any colour because it makes them look good…..

Next time I buy a gift I will buy it based on that child’s likes…not based on his or her gender.

We treat them fair they will learn that fairness is the way of life!

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