Confidence is the core strength that defines success for every child.

Can confidence be taught?


When I am confident, it is because I know I can! And I know I can because I did it (whatever the it may be!) and recognized the strengths and capabilities in myself because of which I succeeded!

There are also many things I attempted and didn’t succeed at! And those situations told me so much about myself. I recognised the need to learn certain skills that I did not have yet! I also got to know that I was brave to attempt something new!


If I never tried something on my own, I would know very little about myself. If someone always did for me, all I needed to do myslef, I would believe I am not capable of doing it myself. And when I don’t know what I can do I don’t know much about myself. How would I then be a confident person? How can I feel confident?


We very often spend so much time teaching children. We need to give children opportunities to use their skills and practice what they learnt. That alone would give them the self awareness to be confident! This is what every child needs….typical and atypical.

Give every child the gift of opportunities to practice and try!


At Samatha learning Center we give every child the gift of opportunities to practice and try! We scaffold their learning and allow them to discover for themselves what they can and cannot do! Every success and failure is an opportunity to discover…



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