Choosing Samatha Learning Center

Choosing Samatha Learning Center

A child with special needs has every right to access education. For that reason Samatha makes sure every child gets one-on-one attention in every teaching session. Life is a lot more than reading and writing, because of which, we ensure children have access to quality peer time. Sessions of music, movement, art and games lend themselves to great opportunities when social and communication skills can be practiced. These two focus areas make the Samatha program the perfect blend for children with special needs.

Parents of children with special needs have the primary concern for their child’s safety, particularly if their child is non-verbal. We at Samatha value respect and we practice it and make it our culture. By default, we speak and act politely with every one, irrespective of age and ability. With respect comes the promise of safety. The entire school is under CCTV surveillance and every child is in the presence of a teacher at all times.

With our small group sizes of 6 children with 2 teachers per group, we aim to identify every child’s special ability. We promise every child a happy learning experience, every day that they are at Samatha!

Trust us with your child and your choice will give you confidence in having done your best.

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