Choosing my battles for good parenting

Good Parenting is all about choosing your battles!

Its every parent’s duty to teach their children well. It is the responsibility of every parent to allow their children to develop into their true selves, even if that self is so very different from their very own.

The best form of parenting comes from using ones instinct to hear with respect, what our children are saying.

Think about that statement for a minute. Analyse the words used.

Parenting: teaching my child for a good life

Instinct: that voice in my head, that tingle in my tummy that tells me right from wrong.

Hear: its beyond words and needs my full attention on expression, tone of voice and body language I am picking up on along with the words my child is speaking.

Respect: valuing my child in his/her entirety however different he/she may be from me!

So what stops us from being the best at parenting? Is it the fear of judgement from those around, significant and others? Is it the largely looming fear of being responsible for another being, whose future is supposed to be in our hands?  

Yes…. most likely those are the powers that block our instincts and cloud our judgements. And what helps us in this journey is connecting with others to realise we are not alone in our dilemma and to read articles like these to give ourselves a shake back into reality!

This is truer for parents of children with special needs. The children with special needs require more of our respect as we listen to our instincts and hear them as they communicate to us. And it is also true that parents of children with special needs need support from a group and their families and communities. No one needs to be alone!

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