Autism: Different is Good!

What do we struggle most with in our relationships?

We struggle with trust. And it is a struggle because most of the time we say something and mean something else. We act in a way when we are truly feeling something else. We humans are intelligent and insecure and that combination leads to ambiguity in our actions. Think about it and reflect on it before you judge what I say as rubbish.

Now let’s come to individuals with autism. If you have been fortunate enough to know persons with autism,  you will enjoy humans in their truest and purest forms. They are beautiful people because they don’t have anything to hide and don’t compare themselves to others or behave differently from how they feel. They are intelligent, creative, beautiful people. 

If you have met someone with Autism and you don’t align with what I have just said, I believe you have just seen the behaviour and not the person. Many times, the individuals with autism are responding to their body’s sensory needs and troubles. Their behaviour is truly a communication. Something that is not easy for us to get and very often is ignored or controlled. But when these needs and troubles are addressed, we get to see that awesome person who is truly a beautiful human being!

So these tenets are good to keep in mind. And should you ever disbelieve what I am saying, just take a second to look into the eyes of a person with autism and you will see the beauty there.

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